Pakistan tour packages | Pakistan Tourism Services

Pakistan tour packages | Pakistan Tourism Services

Pakistan is located in South Asia. Its official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is blessed with beautiful landscapes, wonderful tourist places and tremendous historical places. Pakistan’s tourism potential was ignored in past due to political instability but now a days the entire world is recognizing its tourism potential. In fact few months before the European Union and USA recognize Pakistan’s tourism potential and announce tourism advisory to consider Pakistan as best place to travel. One of the largest travel guide book publishers, The Lonely Planet says that Pakistan is “Tourism’s next Big Thing” for more years that we have thought.

Pakistan tour Packages

Pakistan has four provinces and a State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir that is administered by Pakistan. Pakistan is also blessed with all four seasons as well as from great deserts, high water falls, ancient historical places, landscapes, lush green mountains, rocky hills, wild life, snow caped mountains, fresh water streams, rivers, national parks, adventurous treks, huge plain fields to highest peaks in the world that make it the best place to travel for all kind of tourists and travelers. In other words from north to south and east to west, Pakistan is the highly adventurous and full of nature land. Pakistan is the combination of different cultural traditions with beautiful, helping and kind people that makes it more attractive and beautiful.

Pakistan Tour

Jaogy is tourism Service Provider Company that provide Booking, reviews and advices on Tours, Pakistan tour packages, and lots more. It has variety of packages that includes Weekend trips to Honeymoon Tours to the more blunt adventure tours as well as trekking tours in Pakistan.


Pakistan tour packages offered by Jaogy


Northern Area Tours

Northern Areas of Pakistan is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan and it is considered as heaven for the tourism lovers. Northern area is popular for high snow caped peaks, adventurous trekking, national parks, fresh water stream, cold water rivers, Rocky Mountains, difficult area and social places of wonderful regard. Most popular place to visit in Pakistan, Northern area tour packages include.


Adventurous tours

Pakistan is a country of young population. Adventure tours are more popular in youngsters because they enjoy to face and tackle with challenges. These trips includes all these challenges and difficulties where tourist can enjoy and test their strength and passion. But in this type of tours you have to confirm your fitness and not to have any health related issue because these trips are very difficult and challenging. You also have to make sure that you carry all important things with you before the tour starts.

Trip to pakistan

There are some examples of Adventurous Tours and these are:


Trekking Tours:

Pakistan is amongst the countries that are blessed with vast range of mountains. It makes Pakistan the priority place for mountain lovers. So that tourist from all over the world love to explore these mountain ranges and add memorable days in their life. Our Trekking tour packages are designed especially by keeping in mind the safety and health issues of tourist. This range of tour packages include

Notheren Areas of Pakistan

Group Tours:

Group tours is a type of tour in which people travel in group form. A certain range of number of people is defined for that type of tour. If group not reached that number of people then it is difficult to go ahead because the cost of tour arise. Group tour always travel in the group of multiple people. They can also get tour guide service for their group tour. Jaogy provide many group tour packages for different areas. We have experience and have good knowledge about tourist needs and requirements, so we take care of that to maximize their enjoyable moments.

Group Tour


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